Window tint near New Braunfels, TX

Window tint near New Braunfels, TX

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Window Tint

Summers in Texas are no joke. The heat is extremely high and the sun’s rays are strong and powerful. Did you know that internal car heat can reach a high of up to 130?. This extreme heat is highly unpleasant when you have to step into your car to go somewhere. That is why at Audio Outlet we have a large portion of our customers coming to get window tint near New Braunfels, TX.

Window tint is a great way to protect yourself and your car because of its heat blocking capabilities. The extreme Summer heat in Texas can cause damage to your vehicle’s dashboard throughout time. Also, UV sun rays can penetrate your car window and extreme exposure can be harsh for your health, since UV rays are the leading cause of skin cancer. Luckily, window tint blocks UV rays as well. Heat and UV ray blocking is why we recommend that you have window tint near New Braunfels, TX. Audio Outlet works quick and efficiently to provide a great service that helps your car stay cool.

Another benefit of having your car window tint near New Braunfels, TX is that the tint always makes your car look great. Sleek, clean, and dark windows always make your car look great on the road.

Audio Outlet also provides residential and commercial window tint near New Braunfels, TX. If your business or home receives too much sunlight, Audio Outlet can help you with that. Reducing the amount of sunlight that comes into your home or business blocks incoming heat, and therefore you won’t need to run your air conditioning as much. This makes a big difference in your energy bills.

Still unsure about getting your window tint near New Braunfels, TX? Contact us today to find out why you should! We can't wait to install tint on your car, home, or business.