Tint specialist in New Braunfels, TX for all your tinting needs

Tint specialist in New Braunfels, TX for all your tinting needs

Turn to Audio Outlet for all matters tint-related

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So you’ve heard of all the new rage about window tinting? It’s no surprise, considering how beneficial they are to your life. With summer closing in fast as well, there’s no doubt there’s a rush of people trying to get a headstart on this amazing addition to their vehicles. That being said, it should be stated that the best people to turn to for this job are the experts. Audio Outlet is the tint specialist in New Braunfels, TX you can turn to when it comes to all tinting needs!

Run down the list of advantages for tinting and anyone would be floored. Protection from the scorching sun? Check. Energy savings from reduced AC usage? Check. Added privacy, shatterproof glass, and an undeniably cool look? Check, check, and check. But did you know that your vehicle isn’t the only thing that can benefit from a tint? A tint specialist in New Braunfels, TX can take the benefits to more than just cars.

Audio Outlet can not only tint your car, but we can also swoop by and tint your house as well! That’s right, reduced energy costs and shatterproof glass can also be part of your home, not just your car! And since we’re a tint specialist in New Braunfels, TX, we can take it a step further. If you own a boat, we can go ahead and tint those as well! That’s right, you can now enjoy a nice boat ride into the waters and not worry about getting your skin burned from being in the sun all day!

With 20+ years of experience under our belt, and a focus on customer satisfaction, Audio Outlet is the premiere tint specialist in New Braunfels, TX! Contact us today, and we’ll get you a free price quote! Don’t worry, our prices are competitive, so you’ll be sure to find our services affordable! And if you’re looking to upgrade your sound systems as well, look into our car audio services!